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how to choose a diaper bag?

Looking for a new diaper bag can be so overwhelming. There are so many choices out there, how on earth do you figure out which is the right fit for you?
BabyJane raspberry frontview 233x300 5 tips for choosing a diaper bag

Louis Vuitton Vernis lockit MM yellow M91398
Model: M91398
Price: $195.00
Well, the good news is, you no longer have to settle for something with little teddy bears or bunny rabbits on it. But the big question is – what’s going to keep you organized, give you room for all you need to carry, and make you feel good while you wear it? Don’t forget, it’s going to be your primary fashion accessory for a while.
I started designing diaper bags long before I had a baby. And the funny thing is, the first time I had to use my very own diaper bag, I panicked! I no longer felt like the expert diaper bag designer, but a freaked out first time mom who suddenly couldn’t remember why I designed all those pockets and accessories in the first place. As much as I loved my bags, after being a mom, I came up with a few more ideas to help perfect them that I’d love to share with you.
Here are 5 things to consider when buying a diaper bag
1) Does it match your style? When you have a new baby, you’re lucky if you wash your hair several times a week let alone put on anything fashionable. If you look for something that looks more like a chic handbag, not a diaper bag, then at least one thing on you won’t look like you slept in it.
2) Is it functional? A bag must be super functional or forget it! One of my favorite features of our bags is the matching wristlet with pockets inside for credit cards, money, make-up and any other small items you like to carry with you. It’s like having a purse within a purse. And it’s so cute you can actually carry it as a clutch.
messenger sahara inside 300x199 5 tips for choosing a diaper bag
Louis Vuitton Monogram Vernis Dots Brea MM Tota Bag Red M91619

Louis Vuitton Monogram Vernis Dots Brea MM Tota Bag Red M91619
Model: M91619
Price: $178.00

3) Does it fit everything you need to carry? The best bags come with several accessories that make your life easier. Look for bags that have accessories like stroller straps, a dirty clothes sac (don’t want poopy clothes mixing with clean clothes and burp cloths), an insulated bottle tote, a detachable, adjustable shoulder strap so you can wear your bag hands free, and a matching changing pad. The timi & leslie change pad comes with a little mesh pocket on the outside for wipes and diapers, an idea I came up with while changing my baby on an airplane. Those airplane bathrooms are so small that I didn’t want to carry in the entire diaper bag, but still needed to carry wipes, diapers, cream, the changing pad and my baby all to the bathroom. That’s when I thought – just put an exterior pocket on the changing pad! And the minute I got home, I designed it.
4) Does it have the right number of pockets? Yes, there is such a thing as too many pockets. Bags should have enough pockets inside to keep you organized, but not too many that they take up all the room in the bag. I like the 6 pockets in our bags because it allows me to keep everything where I can get to it quickly and I still have enough room in the center of the bag for bigger items.
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 Louis Vuitton monogram multicolore heartbreaker bag black M40659

Louis Vuitton monogram multicolore heartbreaker bag black M40659
Model: M40659
Price: $169.00
5) Can you use it after the baby is out of diapers? The best bag is one you don’t have to get rid of when the baby is on to the next stage. Look for one that will fit a laptop or iPad, and are stylish enough to be worn as a handbag, work bag and travel bag. It then becomes an investment bag, not just something you’ll use for a year and a half.
I know it’s tough to navigate all the choices you have out there as a parent to a newborn, so I hope this was helpful to you in choosing the perfect diaper bag.

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