Tuesday, July 17, 2012

How to Pick the Right Pair of Shoes During Pregnancy

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Swollen feet and ankles are some of the most discomforting effects of pregnancy; the extra water weight can also put stress on your knees and joints. Choosing the right pair of shoes is especially important during this critical time since you need as much support as possible; even when those fancy stilettos are calling your name, they'll have to be set aside until your post-pregnancy days. Your feet can grow an entire shoe size during the second and third trimester, and this can shift and change from day to day; the best way to manage is to purchase shoes designed with extra support and made with a fabric that can expand as you grow. Here are some tips for choosing the right pair of shoes during pregnancy:

1. Choose a slip-on instead of a lace-up. Slip-on shoes are your best bet for comfort and versatility. Ballet flats are a great investment when you find the right size, and choose a shoe in a wide width style for optimal comfort. Slip-on shoes with padded insoles will give your feet some extra support during particularly stressful days.

2. Purchase some quality walking shoes. Mark Fenton, the co-author of Walking Through Pregnancy and Beyond: How Expectant Moms Can Walk Through a Happy and Healthy Pregnancy and First Year encourages moms-to-be to walk their way to fitness and good health, which in turn can keep your legs in shape. Exercise also helps boost circulation that can reduce swelling and water weight gain; a quality pair of walking shoes is all you need to get started. Light hiking shoes with a slight boot style will give your legs and back the support you need in any trimester.

3. Enjoy the freedom of sandals. Sandals with a kitten heel or no heel at all are your best bets for saving your back. Your lower back becomes an especially sensitive area when you're trotting along in high heels, so choose kitten heels at most if you want some height. Pregnancy.org recommends staying away fro high heels to avoid a sprained ankle and joint pain.

4. Try on a pair of Clogs. While they're not exceptionally fashionable, clogs do serve a purpose; they're used by many hospital professionals and workers who are on their feet for long periods of time because of their solid sole and comfortable construction. Clogs are also easy to put on - no need to bend over to tie up laces or buckles - and are a great addition for your casual wardrobe.

5. Try a pair of sneakers or tennis shoes. Simple canvas sneakers or tennis shoes offer plenty of support, comfort, and a stretchy fabric to accommodate your changing sizes. Look for tennis shoes in a light canvas material for optimum comfort.

If you can't bare the thought of going 'heel-less' during pregnancy, you can still enjoy a slight heel, according to RipeFruit.com. You can reach for heels with that are less than 2 inches high to avoid muscle soreness, back pain, or injury.

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