Sunday, July 8, 2012

Kate Middleton pregnant?

Kate Middleton is rumored to be pregnant every other day. The Duchess of Cambridge was out and about in Scotland with Prince William on July 5. As she walked next to her husband wearing a pale yellow coat-dress, she held her scarf in front of her mid-section, sending the tabloids into an immediate frenzy. According to the IB Times, Middleton could have been hiding a baby bump behind her scarf and pocketbook. Kate, however, only looks "maybe" pregnant in one photo (mainly because her stomach is "hidden") but in the rest of the pictures, she looks slender as usual. It seems pretty clear that Kate and William still don't have a big announcement to make. Kate Middleton's pregnant rumors just don't stop. The girl can't even put her hands anywhere near her stomach without "heir to the throne to be born" headlines popping up all over the place. This is not expected to stop until the Duchess of Cambridge does have a baby, but it's only because people want the family name and the royal blood to be carried on. It's definitely an exciting time for Will and Kate, and the moment she is pregnant, the media is going to go crazy.

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